The Community School, Inc

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Administration: (870) 793-6943

Helper and Adult

Helping Developmentally Disabled Adults

Developmentally disabled adults learn to become self-supporting and contributing community members through adult training programs offered by The Community School, Inc, in Batesville, AR. Adults 18 and older are provided access to a variety of adult training programs that focus on adult development combined with work activity, supplied in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Developmental Disabilities Services Division. 

Reaching Maximum Potential

Disabled adults can reach their maximum potential and become independent and self-sufficient with adult training from our developmental disabilities school. Full potential and growth are achieved by promoting independent living skills and job readiness.

Supportive Living

Our group home provides integrated supportive living (residential services) to persons who are developmentally disabled. Eight adults live in a family home setting and receive the support services to become more independent. This group home is a welcome alternative for its residents.

Catherine Robertson Barnett Group Home
1730 N State Street Batesville, AR

Strong Support

White River Specialized Industries, in conjunction with The Community School, Inc, is a nonprofit organization receiving donations, government grants, and help from the United Way of Independence County. We also benefit from two used-clothing and furniture stores.

Second-Hand Store

A second-hand stores is wholly owned subsidiaries of The Community School, Inc. The stores provide much-needed assistance through the sale of donated second-hand clothes and furniture. A donation drop box is on the premises. You may call (870) 793-6943 to donate or request pickup of large items. All donations are tax-deductible, and receipts are provided upon request. Store location:

Almost New
563 Water Street
Batesville, AR 72501